JMK Trading

Business Line


We purchase used trucks, special vehicles and heavy industrial machines in Japan. We accept not only drivable used vehicles but also vehicles involved in accidents and completely immobile vehicles (using our special tow trucks).

Specifically, we deal in trucks, dump trucks, vehicles for work at height, tank trucks, concrete pumping trucks, concrete mixing transport trucks, rafter cranes, truck cranes, refrigerator trucks, fire apparatuses, ambulances, buses, snowplows, crushers, forklifts, power shovels etc. and their parts.

We deliver vehicles to customers and auctions in and outside Japan (primarily in Asia). We sell about 4,000 vehicles annually. In recent years, we continuously supply vehicles to auctions outside Japan. Our staff members often visit the auction sites to quickly identify local trends and future needs. The information is used in purchasing vehicles in Japan.

Vehicles are shipped via roll-on/roll-off ships and container ships, depending on the needs at the unloading ports.

Our expertise enables a stable supply of high-value-added vehicles.

We appreciate your support of JMK Trading.

  • We purchase and sell used trucks to help build a resource-saving society around the world.
  • We accept vehicles, even completely immobile ones, anywhere in Japan.
  • We can handle mass purchase and mass sale.
  • We accept inquiries from both individuals and companies. Leave everything about trucks in our care.
  • With a smile on our face, we expand the JMK spirit from local communities, across Japan, to the rest of the world.